The Memory Box Project


The Memory Box Project aims to engage, support and share memories with people living with dementia in Hampshire & Dorset. Since February 2016, The Memory Box Project has delivered sessions in hospitals, care homes, day centres and other groups. We are funded by The National Lottery Community Fund which enables us to be able to offer this service free of charge to all of our groups.

Dementia Pen Pals


New Badges!

We are excited to share with you all our new Dementia Pen Pals badges. All children that take part in our small project will receive one of these badges upon completion. If you would like some information on how to get involved, please do get in touch.

We’d also like to give a big shout out to for these fantastic quality badges. You can check them out at they sell a huge range at very reasonable prices.


Dementia Pen Pals is an opportunity available for young people ages 8-14. It has been developed to ensure young people are able to get involved in the project to help young people learn about and support people with dementia safely and remotely. This scheme has been running since late 2020 and is very popular. Schools and other youth groups are able to join, as well as individuals so please get in touch. There as so many older people living with dementia that would really benefit from a pen pal letter from you, and you might learn quite a few things too!

Community Loan Service

We are loaning out our boxes FREE of charge on a monthly basis. This includes free pick up and drop off, staff training, hygiene materials and regular activity packs.

For more Information about Skype and Reminiscence Box Loans please click here

About the project

Memory Box Themes

Each box contains approximately 20 items with antiques, vintage and replica items included, smell boxes, sounds and fact sheets.

During a session

During Memory box sessions, we use a variety of tools to stimulate four of the five senses, touch, sight, hearing and smell to evoke memories of the past for all participating. We recommend groups not exceeding 8-10 participants and sessions usually lasting 45-60 minutes. Please follow this link for more details about Memory Box Sessions.

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“Time is too short, Memory is too long”

- Project participant, 2019

How to get in touch

Please contact Erin McMurtry to enquire about booking sessions.

For recent developments, news and local events please ‘like’ us on Facebook @WHTthememoryboxproject and follow us on Instagram @TheMemoryBP

Also, keep up to date with our latest blog posts for more information about reminiscence, our events and how to get involved with the project.


If you are a friendly, outgoing person that is interested in becoming one of our volunteers we would love to hear from you. Full support and training is provided. Please visit our volunteering section to view the types of roles available and apply.

Donating items

We are very grateful to those who have donated to us in the past, and we continue to accept donations on a discretionary basis. There are a number of health and safety, logistical and hygiene aspects to consider when accepting items and therefore we cannot accept everything, however please get in touch with Kayte West to discuss any items you would like to donate to the project.


We are proud to have the Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire as The Memory Box Project Patron.